File a Complaint



If you want to report a crime, call your local Sheriff's station. ‌The correct number for you to call can be found HERE or at the Sheriff's Department web site.

Unless you choose to remain anonymous, your name and complaint will be forwarded to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department for investigation. If you do not allow us to share your complaint, it will not be thoroughly investigated. However, we will evaluate your complaint in order to identify systemic issues within the Sheriff’s Department.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do if I think the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department did something wrong or I want to compliment the Department?
What if the commendation or complaint is not about a deputy, but about how the Department does things?
Can anyone make a commendation or complaint?
How do I file a commendation or complaint?
If I am complaining about a deputy, do I have to know the name or badge number of that deputy?
What happens when I file a complaint?
Can you tell me what happened to my complaint?
If I received a ticket or was charged with a crime, will filing a complaint affect the case against me?